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Hello, I am Sai Hemeshwar

I am a camera Tracking Artist and a Storyboard Designer.

In modern filmmaking and 3D Animation, my job is to recreate camera movements from raw footage with accurate positioning, orientation, and character movement. By doing so, I help artists build lifelike scenes and stunning visual effects, bringing the developer’s vision to life.

Working with filmmakers, Game designers, and Animation directors, I also create storyboards to facilitate the workflow for their projects.

I work with VFX studios, post-production houses, and marketing agencies that need dynamic visual effects for their scenes and characters. With over 2 years of experience in camera tracking and storyboarding, I use multiple software to lay the foundation for movies, TV series, and commercials.

I would love to discuss more about my services and help your company build the camera tracking you need.

My Work.

Camera Tracking and CG Integration created for Project
View Project
Object Tracking and CG Integration created for Project
View Project
Storyboard created for the trailer of the upcoming game "Chicken Fight"
View Project
Camera Tracking and CG Integration created for Project
View Project
Storyboard created for project
View Project

My Expertise.

  • Maya: 3D Modeling, Character Animation, and 3D Scene Layout
  • 3DEqualizer: Camera and Object Tracking, 3D Scene Reconstruction, LIDAR Matching with Live-Action Plate
  • Nuke: 3D Scene Layout and Integration, Rendering, and Compositing.
  • Photoshop: Storyboard frames with Panels, Editing and Refining, exporting, and sharing
  • Premier Pro: Video editing, Sound Effects, credit design

My Clients.


I had the pleasure of working with Sai Hemeshwar on many projects that required intricate camera tracking. Sai's expertise and attention to detail were truly exceptional. Their ability to seamlessly integrate live-action footage with computer-generated elements was astounding. Sai's professionalism and dedication to delivering high-quality work were evident throughout the entire project. I would highly recommend Sai's services to anyone in need of a skilled camera-tracking artist.

Mr. Dhananjayan
Rotomation Supervisor
Basilic Fly Studios Pvt. Ltd.

Sai Hemeshwar is an outstanding camera-tracking artist whose skills and expertise are second to none. I had the privilege of collaborating with Sai on multiple projects, and each time, they demonstrated exceptional technical proficiency and an unwavering commitment to excellence.
Sai's deep understanding of software like Maya, 3Dequalizer, and Nuke, coupled with their creative problem-solving abilities, makes them an invaluable asset to any VFX team. Their professionalism and strong work ethic further enhance their ability to consistently deliver outstanding results.

Mr. Ramarajan
Matchmove Supervisor
Basilic Fly Studios Pvt.Ltd

His precision, dedication, and collaborative spirit made a significant impact on our team.

Sai Hemeshwar consistently delivered high-quality work, displaying exceptional attention to detail and problem-solving skills. Their passion for match moving and eagerness to learn make them a valuable asset to any production team.

Mr. Vinoth Ramalingam
Matchmove Supervisor
Basilic Fly Studios Pvt.Ltd

Sai Hemeshwar's talent and knowledge in storyboarding were an absolute blessing when I was feeling lost and inexperienced. Despite my lack of drawing skills, Sai created easy-to-follow and engaging storyboards that incorporated all my ideas flawlessly. Their honest opinions and clear explanations helped me understand what would work best.

Thanks to Sai's exceptional work, ChickenFight went from mere text to a captivating trailer, showcasing its potential to investors. Sai's reliability, prompt communication, and seamless iteration made the experience incredibly satisfying. I highly recommend Sai for his ability to bring visions to life effortlessly.

Gareth Horne
Game Developer/Project Head
Explosive Entertainment

My Pricing.

Camera Tracking

Starting from $1,000 per shot

Services included:

Camera Tracking, Object Tracking, and 3D Scene Reconstruction. 

Delivering 1-2 versions of the final tracked shot or project 2-3 rounds of revisions per shot or project. 

Additional versions and revisions may be charged separately. 

Project Deliverables

Wire, cone, and Sphere Render images [jpeg, jpg, tiff, exr] Maya Scene File [ASCII or Binary] Equalizer Work File Camera /Object Tracking Data [fbx or abc] Documentation [notes and instructions related to Camera tracking]

Storyboarding Pricing

Starting at $2,200

Services included:

  • Sketching and creating storyboard frames
  •  Composition of shots and camera angles 
  • Depiction of character placement and key elements 
  • Basic motion and action lines 
  • Text or dialogue inclusion (limited to captions or descriptions) 
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions included in the base price 
  • Up to 1 version of the final storyboard included 


Rendered Images Layered Photoshop file [psd] Annotations/Descriptions.

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