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Conestoga Gig Lab.

Canada’s first business incubator for freelancers.

We help talented people monetize professional skills.

Freelancing is a business. Using proven methodologies for large-scale ventures, the Gig Lab uses a start-up roadmap specifically tailored to address the business model nuances and needs of a freelance business entrepreneur.

The program is designed to equip new and early-stage freelancers with the skills, mindsets, and tools to successfully monetize professional skills. Whether you
have already started your freelance journey or are just starting out, this program will change the way you think about your business.

We help you with:

What you need to know.

Conestoga students, recent graduates and alumni are eligible to apply.

Who is eligible?

Full-time and part-time Conestoga students in any year, in any program.
Recent graduates of Conestoga and Conestoga Alumni.

How do I apply?

The Gig Marketplace accepts applications in three different windows each year in line with the college semesters.

To apply, click the button below to be directed to the intake form and start your journey!

Which services are accepted?

The Gig Lab is open to eligible applicants who plan to offer a service as a sole proprietor or have just begun to do so.

Services can range from UI design to computer programming, graphic design, videography, bookkeeping, digital marketing, and more..

Gig work for companies like Uber, Skip the Dishes and DoorDash does not qualify for this program.

How it works.

1:1 coaching.

Every freelance entrepreneur gets a dedicated Gig Coach, an experienced freelancer who provides structure, support, and guidance every week.

15-week roadmap.

The proven Gig Lab roadmap takes you from start to finish in 15 weeks and is customized for each freelancer to get the best possible results.

Real-world results.

Not only will you work on building your business, you will also start your Freelancing journey. With your Gig Coach at your side, you will step into the wild to secure real business on the Gig Marketplace.

Discover the Conestoga Entrepre-
neurship Collective.

Discover the Conestoga Entrepreneurship Collective.

We equip members of the Conestoga community with the tools to pursue their entrepreneurship potential. Start a new business. Launch a freelance business. Join a high-growth company as a B2B sales professional. 

Multiple pathways have been created so that students can choose an experience that matches their skills, aspirations and definitions of success. We’ll help you join the entrepreneurship ecosystem on your own terms. The future of entrepreneurship is democratic, inclusive, diverse and profoundly human.

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Canada’s only business incubator for freelancers, helping talented people monetize professional skills.

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