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Hello, I'm Aaron Bayou.

Sound On Sound Productions offers music production services such as creating songs, sounds, and soundbites for online publishers.
Our clients contact us to create original audio content for their storybooks, videos, and websites. The addition of original music makes their publications more impactful and noticeable.
We work with our clients using a customer-focused approach while executing deliverables.
If you are interested in learning how our work heightens the impact of online publications, let’s get in touch!

My Work.

Music Composition


Mixing and Mastering

Sound Design

Logic Pro X

Music Production


Recording Services

My Expertise.

  • Logic Pro X 10 years of experience with this DAW ensures optimal workflow
  • Sound Engineering executing technical aspects of sound reinforcement and effects
  • Music Composition structuring the melodies, harmonies, chords, phrases, rhythms, and/or lyrics of a song
  • Guitar 4 years of instruction and 10 years of experience
  • Piano 4 years of instruction and 10 years of experience
  • Audio Recording  capturing guitar, piano, vocals, etc. via microphones and digital audio interfaces
  • Mixing and Mastering equalizing frequencies, applying effects, optimizing each track, finding overall “sound”
  • Attention to Detail monitoring and checking work, organizing time and resources efficiently
  • Communication open and transparent
  • Reliability provides updates as needed, revisions permitted to ensure client satisfaction


I operate a daycare and I’m currently making some online learning videos for Toddlers to School age children.

The music that Aaron Bayou is producing for me is awesome. He is adaptable to any genre of music I request.

I appreciate the wide production knowledge he brings to my projects.

Collett - Owner
Yunaland Inc.

My Pricing.

Music Production

Starting at $250

What's included:

  • a “jingle” or song for non-commercial or commercial purposes.
  • Up to 3 revisions are permitted to ensure client satisfaction.


Starting at $50 / sound

What's included:

  • Includes a custom, individual sound, to be used as needed for online applications.
  • Up to 3 revisions are permitted to ensure client satisfaction.

Mixing & Mastering

Starting at $100 / song

What's included:

  • Tailoring each of the individual tracks of a song to sound their best when played together and preparing the final copy for distribution.
  • Up to 3 revisions are permitted to ensure client satisfaction.

Recording Services

Starting at $50 / hr

What's included:

  • Portable recording services are available to clients in the KW Region, surrounding area, and GTA.
  • Additional charges may apply for requests outside of the Waterloo region.

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