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Hi, I am Spencer

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” With over 10 years of experience as a software developer, I adhere to a development process that emphasizes flexibility, exploration, iteration, and collaboration.

I explore problems beyond face value, seeking the bigger picture in collaboration with you. Together, we find the best possible solution that fits within your budget and timeline.
All of my work is driven by the understanding that either myself or someone else will need to work on it later. I make it a priority to leave your system better than I found it, ensuring long-term sustainability and ease of maintenance.
If you’re looking for a holistic and flexible approach to software development, let’s talk.

My work.

What are your technical challenges?

Optimized a question selection algorithm

Replaced GlassFishESB with Java Spring

Build solutions and systems

Develop a deeper understanding

Utilize cloud services like AWS

My clients.


Spencer rebuilt our data sync platform, enhancing security and functionality, as well as simplifying the product. His partnership mentality helped identify future optimizations and ensured our input mattered. Engage Spencer for lasting success and excellence.

Ciprian Bulboaca | Development Manager | Geoware Inc.

Spencer's deep thinking and commitment to understanding from first principles enable him to develop innovative, enduring solutions. He values long-term, high-quality solutions. When these values align with his clients, magic occurs.

Mitch Dickinson | Senior Development Manager | Shopify Inc.

My pricing.


a comprehensive solution that seamlessly blends creativity and functionality to elevate your brand aesthetic.

Establish a high level idea of what the project is about, and determine priorities, resources and outcomes. .

What's included:


Deep dive to establish a better understanding of the technical challenges. Requires Discovery.

The exploration phase is used to determine the right path forward. This can be done through a combination of system analysis, research, and prototyping, depending on what makes the most sense. Exploration is iterative and ongoing throughout development.

What's included:


Develop/rework software, apps, etc. Requires Discovery and Exploration.

The build phase is used to develop the solution proposed in exploration as a starting point. Exploration is iterative and ongoing throughout development. Development can vary from small maintenance work to building entirely new systems and applications.

What's included:

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