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Capacity Alert:
I am reaching my maximum capacity and, depending upon your scope and deadline, I may not be able to take on new projects right now.

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My name is Shafa Reyaz.

I am a freelance journalist, writer, social media manager, and digital marketing specialist.
I combine my 10+ years of experience in journalism covering business news with my digital marketing expertise to help businesses reach their target market audience through long-form and short-form content and social media marketing.
I specialize in writing on current affairs, entrepreneurship, social media marketing, and personal financial management including budgeting, saving, and investing.
My engaging copy covers a wide range of content including learning from my “own experiments” and valuable money lessons learned over a decade-long career as a journalist.

My Work.

I create customized content that conveys the message the way you want to share and instantly connect with your target audience.

Not just the right messaging but the right SEO strategy is what brings success digitally. And I can help you with crafting a strong organic search strategy for your business.

I also help with social media management ensuring your content and the product are well-promoted to the right target audience.

My Expertise.

  • Content Writing: Copywriting, Article writing, Feature writing, Blogpost, Guest writing, and Ghostwriting
  • Personal Finance Content Creation: Savings, Investing, Debt Management and building wealth
  • Social Media Marketing: Keyword research and Content creation, SEO optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, Strategic Communication, Competitor and Market Analysis, Google Analytics, KPIs, ROI

My Clients.


I had the pleasure of working with Shafa when I managed's Video vertical. Shafa was hired as a Video Editor in Delhi, working remotely to support our video editorial needs for the U.S. market. Immediately, it was evident that Shafa had editorial prowess, in English specifically for our needs, and she always sought to improve our video content performance.

Name of client: Elisabeth Rae Collett
Creative Studio Manager

Shafa is just one of those people who get the job done, with a minimum of fuss and a lot of attention to detail and quality. She has a broad range of media experience including content creation, video production, digital media, and deep experience in news and economic affairs. With her commitment and broad experience, I think she'd shine in whatever capacity she will work in a team that will value and make use of her content experience.

Abhishek Saksena

I have known Shafa for more than 10 years and have seen her grow, develop, and acquire new skills over the years. As a journalist, writer, and editor, Shafa's command of the language, editorial aptitude, and news judgment, which she has applied in several roles, is superb. What stood out in Shafa was her keen interest in global and economic affairs which she covered with dedication and diligence. It was a pleasure working with her.

Prabhash K Dutta
Times of India

Shafa and I worked together for many years. She is an exceptional journalist and skilled writer, which I experienced first-hand while working on the 2014 General Election and other projects with her at The Indian Express where I was impressed with her news judgment and strong digital content skills. She is talented, hard-working, and a digital media expert who would excel on any team.

Shobhit Sujoy
News Editor
Zee Media Corporation

My Pricing.

#1 Feature Article & Blog post Package

Starting at $1,000

What's included:

  • 3 Research-based articles/ blog posts
  • Keyword rich & SEO optimized copy
  • Word limit 700-1000
  • Revising 3 outdated articles (articles under 1000 words)

Social Media Management

Management Options Starting at $1000/month

What's included:

  • 2 original promotional social media post/4 days/month OR 4 Twitter/Instagram/Facebook Editorial and Visual Content creation posts on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook 200 words post
  • + 5-images carousel OR 4 Social media post templates (project/campaign)
  • + keyword research and SEO optimization OR 4 Google Analytics reports
  • Add on: Social media audit before and after each campaign

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