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My skills and expertise.

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Started 2024


Open for clients

Hi, I am Prayas

Expressing ideas by virtue of 3D models to be quite liberating while being extremely practical for my clients. I am an internationally awarded freelancer in modelling, rendering and presentations. In an industry where all projects are time bound and require extreme precision, I provide quick and solid renders of my clients’ projects.

If you’re interested in seeing my work and exploring how I can help you present your designs in an engaging way, I would love to showcase my portfolio and discuss how I can help you.

My work.

Final detailed render with context

Primary 3D Model

Customized artboard for presentation

My clients.


My pricing.

Basic 3D model and render From: $200/project

What's included:

Advanced Modelling From: $500/project

Presentation board
with unrendered plans/elevations/sections
(2 of each)

What's included:

Complete package From: $1000/project

What's included:

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