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Capacity Alert:
I am reaching my maximum capacity and, depending upon your scope and deadline, I may not be able to take on new projects right now.

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Hello, I am Oleksandr Panchenko.

I am a freelance music composer from Ukraine currently based in Waterloo, Canada.
My professional capabilities include score production for video games, advertisement videos, films, and more.
As a passionate musician, I constantly improve my skills by learning new video game composition techniques and sharpening my music theory understanding. Taking online courses from various educators, including Berklee, allows me to follow the music industry closely and keep an eye on the latest trends.
Besides composing digitally, I revisit renowned masterpieces or come up with my own tunes on guitar or piano.
I am open to new and exciting challenges and will join your project to provide solutions for any sound design needs that you have.

My Work.

Video Games

Composing and Producing unique and interactive soundtracks for Video Games.
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Scoring Films/TV shows
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Composing background soundscape for Video Commercials.
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Sound Design

Design unique handcrafted sounds for all interactions for your applications.
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My Expertise.

  •  Video Game Music – composing main theme, character themes, and background scores using the latest trends of music implementations in video games
  • Film/TV Show Music – Composing background music for films/TV shows/Animations
  • Sound Design – create unique, hand-made sounds for all interactions for your applications
  • Orchestration – Writing and recording musical pieces for a live orchestra
    Commercials – Creating unique soundscapes for your commercials
  • Communication – Able to communicate complex musical ideas in an easy-to-understand manner to order to achieve the best possible level of client-freelancer understanding
  • Musical Instruments – proficiency in piano, guitar, synthesizer, ocarina, kalimba and many more instruments
  • DAW Software – 10+ years of experience in digital audio software (ProTools, Studio One, Ableton)

My Clients.


'“Unique and Fast”

We needed audio for our mobile applications and thanks to Oleksandr now it flourishes with beautiful sounds. Oleksandr provided his unique vision for the audio sides of our projects and comprehensively led us through his thought process.

Grigory Kozyrev
OKO Social

I was looking for unique and engaging music that would have worked with my ideas for my Animation project and Oleksandr delivered an amazing job.

He instantly understood what I was looking for. His suggestions were of great help to me in shaping the final result of my project”

Aleksandr Radaev
Aleksandr Radaev

My Pricing.

Video Game Score

Starting at $1500

Bundle Includes:

  • Main Music Theme (Up to 4 revisions)
  • All Character Themes (Up to 3 revisions)
  • Background music for all stages of the game (Up to 2 revisions)
  • Additional services could include Orchestration and live orchestra recording, sound design for in-game interactions, adaptive soundtrack (Horizontal/Vertical), etc.

Movie Score

Starting at $1000

What's included:

  • Main Movie theme/Motif (Up to 4 revisions)
  • Complete movie score (Up to 2 revisions)
  • Additional services could include Orchestration and live orchestra recording, etc.

Commercial Background Music

Starting at $500 / Minute of music

What's included:

  • Complete audio soundscape (Music+Sound design) for your commercial. (Up to 4 revisions)
  • Additional services could include Orchestration and live orchestra recording, live sound recording for sound effects, etc.

Sound Design

Starting at $100 / per sound

What's included:

  • Unique hand-made sound effects designed for the specific use for your project (Up to 3 revisions)
  • Additional services could include Orchestration and live orchestra recording, recording of live sounds for sound effects, etc.

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