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I am reaching my maximum capacity and, depending upon your scope and deadline, I may not be able to take on new projects right now.

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Hi, I'm Kai

I ensure that local B2C businesses have an AODA-compliant website that is easy for everybody to use.

1 in 5 people, or 20% of your potential audience, have disabilities that make it difficult to access content online. A barrier-free website is necessary to engage this audience. AODA-compliance also protects your organization from fines and legal liability.

My work starts with an audit of an existing website. I provide a detailed report of accessibility standards violations and steps to remediate them. The result of my work is an inclusive website that is welcoming to users with disabilities.

Wondering if my work can help your organization. Contact me and let’s talk!

My Work.

My Expertise.

  • I am certified as a Web Accessibility Specialist by the IAAP, the only globally recognized accreditation in accessibility.
  • Ensure your site is compliant with the latest accessibility standards.
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • Accessibility Tool Authoring Guidelines (ATAG)
  • Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA)

I have a background in software development and can work with your website, no matter what technology it’s built in.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript or JavaScript frameworks
  • WordPress


Kai was professional and quick to work. He understood my changes and executed them quickly. I recommend Kai for all your website needs. He knows what he’s doing!

Tanya Smart, Owner
Smart Creations

My Pricing.

Accessibility compliance audit (AODA compliance)

Starting at $925

What's included:

 An accessibility report that details any violations of the latest WCAG criteria, including the level of severity and steps to remediate.

Accessibility remediation

Starting at $50 / hr​

What's included:

An IAAP-certified Web Accessibility Specialist (that’s me!) will determine the cause of the issue and implement solutions such as code fixes or design changes.

Accessible design consultation

Starting at $50 / hr

What's included:

 A review of your latest design with highlights of potential problem areas suggested alternatives, and tips on what to look out for in future design iterations.

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