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Freelancer proposal submission.

Congratulations on receiving an RFP from a company in the AC:Studio program at the Accelerator Centre! This page will walk you through the steps and provide you with the tools to build and submit your proposal. Good luck!

Phase 3 submission.

How it works.

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Receive AC:Studio RFP​

This process is only for freelancers responding to RFPs from AC:Studio clients.

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Gather info and ask questions​

There will be an opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification from the potential client.

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Submit proposal​

Use the form on this page to upload a completed proposal form and direct it to the appropriate client

Let's get started.​

Download the proposal guide and fillable proposal form.

The proposal form is structured to capture all critical information in response to the RFP while providing companies with a consistent format to review and compare submissions.

Only proposals using the official proposal form will be considered. 

Please ensure that this document is completed comprehensively and with care.


Your Name

Use this form to submit questions to the AC:Studio companies

Submit your proposal.