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Welcome to the Conestoga Gig Marketplace.

The Conestoga Gig Marketplace program was designed to support high-potential startup founders build capacity and get access to Conestoga Gig Lab graduates to help them scale their business. 

This program and it’s integration with Communitech is specifically designed to allow you to get help on demand from qualified Freelancers, gives you access to a Conestoga Gig Lab Concierge and allows you to focus on what’s most important…growing your business. 

How it works.

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Scope your project.

Connect with a Conestoga Gig Marketplace Concierge to help scope your project, get more insight into the program and to get Freelancer recommendations.

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Find freelancers
that fit.

Search for the skill you need and see a short list of qualified freelancers or browse to see the range of talent available.

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Complete the contact form.

Scope your project by filling out the contact form and get ready to submit it to your selected Freelancers for quoting.

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Submit your project for quotes.

Follow the steps below to download the forms required and get ready to submit your project to qualified Freelancers.

Let's get started.​

Click a link below to be directed to your next step in the process:

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Book a Concierge Meeting.

Book a time with the Gig Marketplace Concierge to get started on your journey.

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Download the project scope template.

Download this template to scope your project and get it ready for submission.

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Select your freelancer(s).

Have a specific Freelancer in mind? Choose them from the list below. 

Want multiple quotes, choose multiple Freelancers to create a bidding process.

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Submit your project form.

Submit your project for review by up to 3 freelancers of your choice. 

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Award your project to a freelancer.

Ready to award a project? Submit your signed proposal to the winning bidder.

Book a consultation with out Gig Marketplace Concierge

Not sure where to get started or what kind of help you need? 

Book a FREE consultation with our Gig Marketplace Concierge to explore the possibilities. 

Our concierge team has years of experience in a variety of different fields / disciplines and will be able to listen to your challenges to help you build a great project scope and connect you with the right Freelancers. 

Project Scope Form

Download the fillable project form PDF.

The project form is a critical document in explaining processes, guidelines and the scope of work required from a freelancer. 

Proposals, budgets and timelines that you will receive back will be based on the information provided in this form. Please ensure that this document is completed comprehensively and with care.

Browse Gig Marketplace freelancers.

Find freelancers that fit.

Check out the variety of freelancers that the Conestoga Gig Marketplace has to offer. You can search freelancers by the category or skill that fits your project. Choose up to 3 freelancers from whom you would like to see a proposal.

Submit your Project.

Company information

Contact information

Primary Contact Name

Submit your Project Scope Form

Upload your completed PDF form here. Please ensure that this document has been reviewed for accuracy as it will be used by your chosen Freelancer(s) to build a proposal. This file will be sent directly to the freelancer(s) selected below.
Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 300 MB.
Upload any supporting documentation that you think will help the freelancers in understanding your company and your project. e.g. branding guide. Please ensure that this file has been reviewed with your mentor before submission. This file will be sent directly to the freelancers selected below.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 300 MB, Max. files: 3.

    Choose your freelancer(s)

    **Please note: If you only wish to receive a proposal from one Freelancer, you do not need to select multiple options. Choosing multiple Freelancers will solicit multiple proposals and create an RFP style process.

    Award a project to a freelancer.

    This form is the final stage before the freelancer will begin working on your project.

    Please only fill out this form if you have signed off on a freelancers proposal and want the project to commence.

    Contact information

    Primary Contact Name

    Award the project

    Please upload the signed copy of the winning proposal here. This document will become the agreement between you and your chosen Freelancer and will be used for invoice generation. This file will be sent directly to administration staff and the Freelancer selected below.
    Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 300 MB.