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Hi, I'm Teresa Moscardo

I am an experienced Latin American marketer based in Canada.
My company, TMoscardo, helps my clients build concepts, create content, and launch campaigns using inbound marketing strategies that establish positive customer relationships. Our research-based approach gives us insight into our client’s businesses so that we can apply Industry best practices to do our work.
We focus on the Latin Market, in various countries, striving to become a link between our clients and their potential Latino partners and customers.
Looking for great results? Let’s talk about how we can help your business succeed.

My Work.

The moment to implement our plan. Marketing activities, tactics, and reports.
We can do assets to attract, engage, inform, or nurture.
Let's create the correct strategy for your marketing goals and audience
If you need help organizing your CMS, CRM, email marketing, or analytics tool.

My Expertise.

  • Buyer Persona and Buyer’s Journey Mapping – Let’s understand who and how they search for you online.
  • Online Assessment– SEO Recommendations, Online Competitor Analysis, Online Asset Review (Forms, Content, Website, and Social Media).
  • Content SEO Research – Longtail Keywords Review for content generation.
  • Content Strategy and Creation– Blog, Lead Magnets, Social Media, Newsletter, and Email Strategy.
  • Marketing Tools Support– CMS, CRM, Email marketing software, Hubspot.

My Clients.


“Experience and vision”

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Tere thanks to her high sense of responsibility and commitment, in addition to her vast experience and vision, reasons why I highly recommend her.

Diana Aguila

“Dynamic and curious”

Teresa Moscardo is a dynamic woman, curious to learn and very loyal in her relationship with her work ties. At, a Start-up when she arrived, she was key in Digital Marketing, Network Management, and Data Analysis.

Working with her was a pleasure.

Diana Cover

“Achieved objectives”

Teresa is a professional who has the virtue of getting involved and understanding the brands and institutions she works with and has a vast capacity of empathy to integrate the perspective and needs of diverse work teams to achieve far-reaching objectives. It was a pleasure to collaborate with her, her mastery of the Inbound methodology, and her project management and implementation skills.

Agustín Leurette
Digital strategy leader
EGADE Business School

My Pricing.

Inbound Campaign Planification

Starting $1,100 CAD

What's included:

  • Buyer Persona creation
  • Define tone and message
  • Multi-channel
  • Communication Plan 

Organic Lead Generation

Starting at $600 CAD

What's included:

  • Best keyword for SEO
  • Strategy Creation of a lead magnet
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Email follow-up Strategy
  • Social Media Copy for distribution

Social Media and Blog Strategy

Starting at $600 CAD

What's included:

  • Topic Clusters Platform selection (if applicable)
  • Content strategy
  • Posting Schedule
  • Metrics and Analytics Reporting 

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